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Company Profile

Chu-Yu Culture was established in 1984

Chu Yu Culture Co., Ltd. was established in 1984

  • Chu Yu Culture Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. We adhere to the spirit of "cultural heritage and excellent innovation", and diligently manufacture every product, aiming to provide consumers with high quality and safe products.

  • Our products include stamp, coin, and banknote collection albums and refill pages, notebooks, book jackets, undated planners, office stationery, student stationery, and various types of travel packing bags.

  • Chu Yu insists on using safe materials that pass national standards. Our materials including paper, cloth, metal zip puller, leather dye and thread, are all made in Taiwan. Many of our products have passed the "National Standards of the Republic of China (CNS) - Plasticizer/Heavy Metal" test, and we possess nearly a hundred patented technologies.

  • In order to provide consumers with more attentive services and get to know consumer requirements better, we have set up our first store, "Chu Yu My STORE," at Taipei Syntrend in 2015. To date, we have four stores in Taiwan and more than 2,000 sales channels including book stores and hypermarkets. We also have partners in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and India, so that more consumers are able to use our carefully manufactured products, and see Chu Yu's attentiveness and persistence.

Sincerity       Dedicated to providing each customer with a supreme service

Creativity      From the idea, design and every details of the productions are completed by our highly original design team

Persistence   Adhere to all products are produced in Taiwan